Workshop “Late Antique Elites of the Countryside in the Middle and Lower Danube Provinces” (Budapest, Hungary, and Online, 28 October 2022)

The MASLAP-Project deals with the transformation of architectural, social and landscape space in the mirror of the Late Antique peristyle buildings along the Danube, using selected case studies. The analysis of these buildings within their environment and, using the new methodologies of surveys, give the possibility for a diachronic approach, which allows us to comprehend the architectural, landscape and social mutations these types of buildings during Late Antiquity.

The Institute of Archaeology – Research Centre for the Humanities in Budapest performs its duties in compliance with the academic standards and within the general conceptual framework of global archaeological research, adapted to the specific issues raised by the material in the Carpathian Basin. One of the Institute’s main goal is to play a prominent and meaningful role in Hungarian and international scholarship. In addition to traditional archaeological methodologies, the Institute of Archaeology applies a broad spectrum of environmental, nondestructive, archaeometric and bioarchaeological research for creating summary analyses of the last eight millennia.

Organized by Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska and Máté Szabó, with the collaboration of Dominic Moreau

To register, please contact Máté Szabó:

Venue: H-1097 Budapest, 4 Tóth Kálmán Street, Building B, Floor 2, Meeting Room