The Danubian provinces became a determining factor of imperial politics in Late Antiquity, which is also well represented by the change in the countryside. This villa-dominated landscape symbolize the environmental potential of the elites of different backgrounds, and also places and spaces of the transformation from the 3rd to the 7th centuries AD. To study this phenomenon, a new project was launched at the end of 2021, in association with the HALMA-UMR 8164 research centre in Lille: Mutation of Architectural, Social and Landscape Space in the Mirror of Late Antique Peristyle Buildings along the Danube (MASLAP). Coordinated by Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska (GWZO, Leipzig), in collaboration with Dominic Moreau (Lille), this project was awarded a visiting grant until the end of 2023 by the I-SITE ULNE Foundation of the University of Lille.

The MASLAP project focuses the transformation of architectural, social and landscape space in the mirror of the Late Antique peristyle buildings along the Danube, using selected case studies from Pannonia to Moesia. The Danubian provinces contains

well-researched examples of all types of peristyle villae. The analysis of these buildings within their environment and, using the new methodologies of surveys, give the possibility for a diachronic approach, which allows us to comprehend the architectural, landscape and social mutations these types of buildings during Late Antiquity.

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The MASLAP Project recipient of the “Accueil international” I-SITE ULNE programme

On the 4th of June 2021, the MASLAP Project, coordinated by Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska, in association with Dominic Moreau, was awarded a grant, until the end of 2023.

Workshop “Late Antique Elites of the Countryside in the Middle and Lower Danube Provinces” (Budapest, Hungary, and Online, 28 October 2022)

Organised by Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska (Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa/Leibniz-Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe – GWZO and Visiting Professor at the University of Lille) and Máté Szabó (postdoc of the MASLAP Project), in collaboration with Dominic Moreau (University of Lille/HALMA-UMR 8164 Research Centre and Visiting Scholar at the École française de Rome), at the Régészeti Intézet/Institute of Archaeology of the Bölcsészettudományi Kutatóközpont/Research Center for Humanities in Budapest and Online, with the support of the HAEMUS International Research Network.

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Our team

Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska

Research Professor, Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO), Associate Professor, Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie, Frei Universität Berlin, PI of the MASLAP Project

Máté Szabó

Postdoctoral fellow of the MASLAP Project

Dominic Moreau

Adjunct PI for the University of Lille and the HALMA-UMR 8164 research centre